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Day One: Create the Strategic Framework


Change leaders like yourself have high expectations, a vision for the possible, and an urgency to engage others.  Join this stimulating and entertaining session for a pragmatic approach that will strengthen your ability to achieve strategic outcomes that customers will notice and employees will deploy with enthusiasm.

1-The 8 Dimensions of Excellence Framework

  • Self-assessment: your strengths on customer knowledge, strategy and improvement
  • Balancing customer and producer priorities
  • Separating process, product and outcome expectations
  • Aligning mission, strategy, measures, customer values, behavior: Roadmap & steps
  • Ambiguity and use of six levers for your own leadership and cultural transformation
  • Vital Lies: constraints on excellence

2-Redefining Knowledge and Work as Products

  • Four key questions that advance traditional management of excellence and quality
  • The remedy for the six reasons service is so difficult to define, manage and improve
  • How to define “service” and knowledge work as measurable products
  • Connecting strategic direction to daily work, relevant to everyone
  • 1969 and the #1 characteristic driving enterprise growth (think Steve Jobs)
  • The fastest growing product category you could be in (but probably aren’t yet)
  • The key things we should know (but few do) about every product
  • Identifying the “root cause” of failure and success: A $20 million case study

3-Laser Focus on the Customer

  • Unambiguously determining who “the customer” is in every context
  • Differentiating the three roles a customer can play, and why it matters
  • Enhancing success by empowering the right customers
  • What we should learn from Jimmy Carter and Elon Musk

4-Summary of Day 1, case study for reference, morning assignment