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C3 Project Management Mentoring


Client Comments

Stephanie Easthope

Rob Lawton’s C3 Project Management Mentoring support helped me to guide a team through a series of tools, which resulted in radical improvements, well beyond the expectations of both the team members and the project sponsor. Projects in the past had started off with a set of problems that were accepted as fact, but the C3 approach forces an organization to challenge long-held assumptions and paradigms. The approach shifts the thinking away from the problems and onto what the customer really uses our products for. By examining the customer desires first, and working back into what this told us about the product and the processes – the project took on a new direction. A true culture transformation occurred within the project team, which lead to a solution that no one would have expected –or accepted- at the outset. And with Rob’s guidance in creating a powerful presentation to the sponsors, we were able to communicate the story behind the radical recommendation – and gain the support for full implementation.

Stephanie Easthope, Director, WoltersKluher Pharma

Evidence of Success

  • C3 project completion that gets enthusiastic endorsement from executive leadership and “go!” decisions to implement recommendations.
  • Project implementation results with significant and measurably improved experience for your customers and enterprise performance (cost, revenue, retention, etc).
  • Fluency in the C3 methodology and tools, sufficient to replicate successful application in new areas with very limited consultative support.
  • Increased executive receptiveness to broader and more strategic adoption of C3 practices.

Those individual practitioners relying on this approach are overwhelmingly viewed as heroes when their C3 projects are completed, frequently getting recognized by promotion, award or other commendation. But it is important to understand that C3 project mentoring is not designed to change the culture of the enterprise, win the hearts and minds of those outside the mentoring process, or create internal experts who can teach others the C3 methodology. It is possible to become proficient at a skill or endeavor without necessarily being equipped to teach others. If the goal is to train experts to teach others, C3 Certification will be necessary.


Advantages of C3 Project Management Mentoring

  • A structured but highly customized approach
  • The lowest cost approach to achieving high impact with measurable results
  • Grounding in the use of defined C3 tools
  • Direct dialogue with Rob Lawton
  • Emphasis on application to specific business issues of significance
  • High probability of project completion that exceeds the prior experiences of the sponsor(s), facilitator and team members
  • ROI likelihood better than an average of 5-to-1 across three or more projects
  • Significant skill development by all those directly involved in the application projects, transferable to future issues.

C3 Principles

Among the outcomes you can expect to achieve from our mentoring programs is to understand the meaning of and how to practice at least 20 key C3 principles to advance excellence.

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