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Creating a customer-centered culture requires a change in thinking. The C3 Foundation Model provides a graphic version of the framework for this new thinking. This is not a flowchart. It shows the relationships among key topics. The sequence in which the C3 Foundation Model’s concepts are applied is vital to rapidly achieving customer and enterprise success.

Foundation Model

There are five major themes explicitly addressed when we apply the C3 Foundation Model: language, values, measures, power and hidden assumptions. These themes can be considered key levers to change or strengthen your organization’s focus on customers.

Successful application of the C3 leadership system achieves measurable results including:

  • Customer success and loyalty
  • Breakthroughs in product design and organizational responsiveness
  • Rapid, sustainable deployment of the change process
  • Empowerment of customers and employees.

The ultimate goal is to transform organizational performance for the benefit of end-users, producers and society.