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2 - C3 Tools

Whether your objective is to change the culture of your enterprise, train others in C3 methods, uncover and understand the Voice of the Customer, organize and manage a key project or simply apply a C3 concept such as the Voice of the Customer, you need the right tools. This is the place to find them. The most frequently used C3 tools are here. Or contact us to discuss your special needs.

The C3 tools shown and available from this website are unique, not available from any other source. If you want traditional and commonly available problem solving, data analysis, flowcharting or team management tools, they are not available here. C3 tools are intended to take you beyond what you may already be using or can obtain elsewhere.

When you buy a C3 tool, you are buying a license to use, duplicate and distribute parts of the C3 technology to a certain number of users. This is a highly cost-effective way to communicate and apply customer-centered thinking. The larger the number of users, the lower the price. You also get free consulting assistance by phone to support your success (30 days for a minimum purchase of $1,000 worth of tools).

C3 Tools are Excel-based.  Each workbook contains a variety of tools shown in different tabs.  Some workbooks may contain up to 25 tabs.   The tools are design for someone with a basic knowledge of Excel.  Advanced users may use linking and other options to streamline the workbook.

Please us the Contact Us form or call us at 941-704-9888 to discuss:

Recommendations on the best combination of tools to achieve your objectives.
Licensing to cover multiple facilitators, an entire business unit or rights to store and distribute tools via your secure Intranet.
Team subscriptions to use ALL of the C3 tools.
Sponsoring a C3 project and easily monitoring your team’s progress.
Leading or facilitating a project using the C3 tools.
Participating as a team member on a project using the C3 tools on your computer.
Storing all your C3 project data in one place for reference by teammates, your C3 coach, and others to streamline communication and eliminate redundancy.

C3 Tools will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your order.  The tool is licensed to the person ordering the tool.  If the person ordering the tool is different than to licensee, please send us a note using Contact Us so we can adjust our records.

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