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Lead Rapid Cultural Transformation to Excellence (T12)

Tuesday, May 2, 2017, 9:15 AM – 11:45 AM
Primary Presenter: Rob Lawton
Co-Presenter: Lisa Powell, Linn County, Iowa

Sponsored by: 2017 World Conference on Quality and Improvement


Cultural change is among the most complex endeavors a leader can pursue. Transformation leaders like you are risk-tolerant and have high expectations, a vision of the possible and urgency to engage others. All you need is a clear and proven roadmap to success. Join this stimulating, interactive and entertaining session for a thought-leading and pragmatic approach. It will strengthen your ability to achieve strategic outcomes, convert customers to fans, link values with measures and engage employees. Come with a team and leave able to immediately begin deployment. Get enlightened, inspired and equipped for results!

Course Description

Innovators make the complex feel simple. Cultural change is among the most complex endeavors a leader can pursue. Your presenters use an innovative and interactive approach, guiding you to success with simplicity. You will learn key principles and tools, tied to illustrations of how several organizations achieved eye-popping and durable transformation their customers loved. One of the co-presenters is a leader-practitioner who will share their real story from the trenches and how their knowledge-intensive enterprise made lightning-fast cultural transformation. You will find their success inspiring and enlightening.

If you are an executive, change agent, innovation leader or Lean Six Sigma MBB impatient for transformative results, this jargon-free session is for you. See concrete examples of lightning fast transformation. Learn how multiple practitioners got results such as $20 million in savings, $8 million in new monthly revenue, response time reductions of 90%, raving fans and award-winning performance. You will receive and begin applying key tools that made that possible, leveraging initiatives such as ISO 9001, Lean, Six Sigma and others.


  1. Your Culture-of-Excellence IQ
    1. 5-minute self-assessment
    2. Before-and-after pattern of past leaders
    3. Priorities for maximum impact
  2. Defining the eight dimensions of excellence
    1. Producer versus customer point of view
    2. The absence of problems is not the same as excellence
    3. The old 5 whys versus the strategic 5 whys
    4. The sequence of pursuit determines the magnitude of success
  3. 10 Steps to a Culture of Excellence
    1. Set the context for transformation, seven strategically practical topics to link, how to leverage and create alignment with initiatives such as ISO 9001, Lean, Six Sigma, VOC, customer experience
    2. Articulate strategic and customer outcomes
    3. Create outcome measures of success
    4. Set moon shot goals, due dates
    5. Define & prioritize all work as products (even service and knowledge work)
  4. Six Levers (or barriers) for transformation
    1. (We’ve had lots of training in math, none in linguistics. Why words such as customer, excellence, service, input, output and supplier are causes of ambiguity, confusion and conflict- and the simple remedies)
    2. (The most common core values that have no bridges to deployment- and an example of how to fix it)
    3. (How to avoid ambiguity and conflict among measures)
    4. (The top 10 “vital lies” that derail excellence- and how to crush them)
    5. (Who has it versus who should- and examples when you get this right or wrong)
    6. (Specific actions to take as a Master of Excellence)
  5. The Strategy Map
    1. How to put your vision, values, measures and deployment plan on 1 page and communicate it for personal relevance to all employees
    2. Examples and results
  6. Eye-popping results you would kill for
    1. How the Strategy Map resulted in $50 million in six months
    2. How rethinking and redefining service cut 90% of customer wait time and saved $20 million
    3. How an organization deployed customer-centered transformation through 75% of the organization in six months
    4. How one HR department identified over 100 products they didn’t know they had, and several they should have had
    5. How to use guerilla warfare and other maneuvers for rapid success


As a transformation leader, you don’t need more theory. You could well benefit from a new prism to reveal all the colors that were previously hidden. That is precisely what you get from this session. Your principal presenter, Robin Lawton, was rated #1 of 88 presenters by participants at ASQ’s 2007 annual conference, has a 5-star ranking of his first book on Amazon and is one of the few international experts on this topic. His humorous but thought-provoking style makes the content highly accessible, providing you the following takeaways:

  • Your Excellence IQ. You will complete this at the start of the session, can share it with colleagues back home and use it to pinpoint areas to immediately address.
  • 10 Steps to Customer-Centered Excellence. This is your game plan that organizes session content and your action plan to implement.
  • The Strategy Map. This clearly shows how to create alignment among strategic outcomes, core values, measures of success, operational work and deployment ownership.
  • Six Leadership Levers for transformation. These enable you to eliminate ambiguity, a major source of confusion, chaos and conflict.

Who Should Attend

Executives and change leaders responsible for creating excellence in products and service, achieving outstanding customer experience, optimizing employee engagement and/or transforming enterprise culture.


Charlotte Convention Center

501 S. College St.
Charlotte, NC 28202
Phone: +1-704-339-6000

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