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Satisfaction Survey Design


Surveys are generally not the most effective way to uncover customer needs. Focus groups, direct observation and interviews are the recommended vehicles for understanding customer satisfiers and dissatisfiers. However, once customer desires or concerns are known, a survey can be a very effective and economical way to determine customer satisfaction.

We can help you avoid the common survey problems:

  1. The wrong people are surveyed
  2. The wrong questions are asked
  3. Only questions asked are answered
  4. The silent scream remains unheard (don’t ask, don’t tell)
  5. Questions are asked the wrong way
  6. Questions are asked at the wrong time
  7. Zero dissatisfaction does not equal total satisfaction
  8. Non-customers (prospects) are not surveyed
  9. Conducted for the wrong reasons
  10. Results are generalized to groups not surveyed
  11. Used as a substitute for better methods
  12. Findings don’t drive improvement

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