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About C3 Excellence

C3 Excellence was organized to celebrate and spread the C3 methodology created by Robin Lawton throughout the past 30 years.  C3 stands for Customer-Centered Culture, first publicized in 1993 in his book titled “Creating a Customer-Centered Culture: Leadership in Quality, Innovation, and Speed“.  Even though this book was written many years ago, its concepts are even more important in today’s world and it is still a five star rated book on Amazon.  Rob’s new book, published in March 2017, “MASTERING EXCELLENCE, A Leader’s Guide to Aligning Strategy, Culture, Customer Experience & Measures of Success” continues the story with much more emphasis on leadership and culture change.

Rob is the creator of the C3 system.  The system includes the philosophy, methodology, tools and practices that enable leaders to align the strategic direction and practices of their organization to excite customers and engage employees to excel.  See his biography under Keynotes drop-down in the navigation bar.

If I ever was asked to explain what Rob believes in three words, it would be “yes, you can”.  Note the emphasis on “you”.  Rob has the delightful ability to help others strategically determine what is important to them, help them design a plan, and guide them to success.  No, this isn’t touchy feely motivation, it is a very disciplined, highly strategic process designed for personal accountability and success. Rob’s thinking is inspirational building on your talents and successes.  Whether you are an individual or a large, complex corporation success is achievable with his personalized, structured steps.

Margaret (Peggy) Lawton                 President, C3 Excellence

Our goal is to significantly increase the number and diversity of C3 practitioners who achieve dramatic, sustainable results.  Beyond our clients, we are looking for and welcome talented change leaders with a strong bias for customer-experienced excellence to join our C3 Masters Network by becoming certified in the C3 principles, practices and tools.

Mission of C3 Excellence

Promote the widespread and successful adoption of C3 principles and practices.


C3 is the dominant approach to cultural transformation creating a demonstrable impact in improving the lives of end-users everywhere.

Core Values

  • Customer Satisfaction – We solicit and seek to satisfy customer performance, perception and outcome expectations with all our products.  Our goal is to treat others as they wish to be treated.  Example measures: event feedback scores, project results (cycle time reduction, customer satisfaction, increased yield)
  • Excellence – Our products and processes are designed to be innovative and best in class.  Example measures: the number of customers who report our products and methods are best at achieving their intended outcomes, the number of 5 star rated publications
  • Inspired Pragmatism – We intentionally pair practical execution with principles, products and processes to achieve inspirational results.  Example measures: percent of users who successfully apply C3 tools and principles
  • Altruism – We provide clients more than what they buy, in support of their success to create a better world.  Example measures: hours of client work not billed
  • Integrity – We deliver what we promise, inspiring confidence and certainty.  We model behaviors we teach others.  Example measures: number of C3 principles and tools we apply to our own work
  • Collaborative Fun – We work with the assumption that collaborative results joyfully achieved are highly valued and sustainable.  Example measures: number of stories or examples delivered at events that evoke laughs
  • Agility – there is always more than one way to accomplish an objective and we are flexible and responsive in pursuing alternatives.  Example measures: number of times we alter content, timing or style of delivery at customer request

Customer Satisfaction Policy

All employees, associates and partners will:

  1. Proactively solicit customer needs and expectations.
  2. Confirm that we have understood those expectations.
  3. Develop, package, deliver and support our products to meet those expectations.
  4. Measure the degree to which our customers’ product and outcome expectations are achieved.
  5. Never blame the user when he or she cannot make a product or process work; provide understanding, then help. Assume they have done their best.
  6. Aggressively seek to close any gap between what our customers expect and what they experience.

Some of Our Experts

Robin Lawton

Robin Lawton

Leadership Strategist, Founder of the C3 System

Tony Belilovskiy

Tony Belilovskiy

Vice President of the IICCL, C3 Strategic Advisor

Dar Schwanbeck, CMC

Dar Schwanbeck, CMC

C3 Excellence Canada

Dr. Bruce Laviolette

Dr. Bruce Laviolette

Strategic ISO Advisor and Trainer

The Personal Touch

The personal touch is of upmost importance to us.  It means:

  • Asking about and listening for what makes your objectives, context and constraints unique
  • Interacting with individuals within large audiences, using their names (and often remembering them)
  • Possibly, becoming friends