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Prospective Business Improvement Consultant Criteria

To help you select the best business improvement consultant, you might consider asking the following questions.

  1. What is your published reference (book, article or video) that describes the change model and methodology you will use?
  2. What are up to two (2) areas of principle focus of the proposed change effort?
    • Process improvement
    • Cost or waste reduction

      Consultant Selection Criteria

    • Strategy development
    • Measures and scorecards
    • Customer focus, experience and/or satisfaction
    • Cultural transformation
    • Employee engagement
    • Operational excellence
    • Innovation
    • Improved revenue or profit
    • Market dominance
    • Enterprise turn-around
    • Other (specify)
  3. What is unique about your method(s)?
  4. What is the road map or process you will use for this initiative, graphically explained in no more than two pages?
  5. What are the tools that will be used to achieve success and who are the intended users?
  6. Briefly stated, how is your approach similar to or different from approaches such as Lean/Six Sigma, Baldrige Criteria, ISO 9001, Theory of Constraints, Systems Thinking, Quality Management System, Operational Excellence?
  7. If projects are used for deployment, briefly describe how your project management system is similar to or different from the PMI approach.
  8. What numerical improvements can be expected within two (2) years of starting this effort or initiative?
  9. What ROI can reasonably be expected within the first two years?
  10. How do you recommend we start to understand what you can offer?

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