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Current Business News – Thoughts of the Day


Each day in the news there are stories of organizations that could benefit from using the C3 Customer-Centered Culture Methodology.  When such large, rich, well-established organizations as these have the kinds of challenges which, to the CEOs, are surprises that threaten survival, it means any enterprise of any kind can have these hidden risks. The C3 system gives leaders insights that prevent these surprises and reveals the underlying cultural issues and strategies for change before they become life-threatening.  No leader wants to be in MacLennan’s or the Pope’s position of needing to apologize.  We could easily add Zuckerberg to this CEO list.  I wish aspiration caused leaders to act but sometimes fear creates a more effective catalyst for transformation.

A Culture of Cover-up

Pope Francis has referred to the Catholic church as having “a culture of cover-up”.

Producers Can Now Go Direct

David MacLennan, CEO of Cargill.  A recent article describes how this largest-in-the-U.S. private company, after several consecutive weak quarters, has posted its first loss.  Put succinctly, it is due to its long-time role as broker to agriculture product suppliers becoming obsolete. Producers can now go direct to buyers and end-users.  This is major trend Rob describes, predicts to grow and advocates strategies to address, in Mastering Excellence.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft.  His recent book, “Hit Refresh“, he talks about how he is working to shift Microsoft’s culture from know-it-all to learn-it-all and that the C in CEO stands for culture.  I believe C3 can help him do that.