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Strategic Project Management Methodology C3PM

The Strategic Project Management Methodology, C3PM, is an organized, tool-supported approach that will reduce your effort, dramatically improve your impact and make heroes of everyone on the project you are sponsoring, managing or to which you’re a participant. You may even win national recognition, get over 20:1 ROI, reduce complexity and cycle time by 80% and bask in customer kudos for your efforts!  Others have so you could, too.

The Strategic Project Management Methodology is especially designed to include the customer throughout the process.   It includes Voice of the Customer, data management, team management, product design and innovation tools available nowhere else.  The process is best started with:

  • Phase 1 Assess Needs, Readiness & Culture
  • Phase 2 Create Insights & Strategic Alignment
  • Phase 3 Organize the Project for Success

Most improvement and innovation projects start with only assumptions about or symptoms of a problem or opportunity.  The fastest, most optimum solution is not yet known.  Projects related to continuous improvement, strategic initiatives, Lean, Six Sigma, customer satisfaction, new product or service innovation and cultural change fall into this category. They are often high-risk endeavors that have fuzzy direction, high failure rates and low ROI.  The Strategic Project Management Methodology C3PM is designed to prevent those problems and create heroes, starting with you.  It provides the tools and steps from creating a crystal clear charter through construction of a final presentation that is compelling, based on unimpeachable data and supported by prioritized qualitative customer input (Voice of the Customer).

Description of the Strategic Project Management Methodology C3PM Approach

There are nine major steps in the full Strategic Project Management Methodology C3PM project. Not all projects require all the steps. The C3 Tools and methodology are generally introduced in a just-in-time basis by a skilled C3 project manager. This maximizes retention and application of new learning, while tailoring everything to the unique needs of each project team.

  • Phase 4.1 Project Kick-off
  • Phase 4.2 Map Product Relationships
  • Phase 4.3 Define Customer Priorities: Voice of the Customer
  • Phase 4.4 Collect Baseline Data: The “As Is”
  • Phase 4.5 Process Description & Analysis
  • Phase 4.6 Prioritize Opportunities
  • Phase 4.7 Develop & Test Prototypes of Innovative Solutions: The “Could Be”
  • Phase 4.8 Summarize the Compelling Case for Change
  • Phase 4.9 Sponsor Presentation of Finalized Action Plan

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