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Why Work With Us

C3 Excellence:  Excellence, customer focus and innovation are the mind, heart and soul of our business.  It has been our work since 1985.  Our insights, passion and joy are contagious.  We’d love to share them with you.

Others may say they address these topics… as a sideline.  For us, they are our core expertise, our genius, how we get incomparable results, why clients say we’ve significantly improved their customers’ experience and employee engagement.  Despite our success and confidence, we remain humble because we know every client will bring us unique challenges and new insights.

Expense or Investment?

Perhaps the most common way consulting firms charge their clients is by the hour.  That represents client expense and risk.  Much less common is to charge for results.  That would be an investment with confidence.  When you work with C3 Excellence, you often get to choose which way is best for you.

Whether you want a new strategic plan, projects managed to deploy it, training on topics such as voice of the customer (VOC), culture change, process cycle time reduction, performance measurement and balanced scorecards, or any other issue, you can opt to pay based on objective results. Getting a return equal to what you pay is not what we would consider a wise investment.  That is simply asset recovery.  A retirement plan set up with that goal is no match with one that delivers a 5:1 ROI. 

When you are evaluating different consultants for seemingly similar jobs to be done, be sure to ask about the ROI you should expect.  Ask us, and we’ll be happy to tell you and give you examples on how we’ve done it.

Here are 10 ways our uniqueness may be of value to you:

  1. The customer-centered culture (C3) system. Developed and refined over thirty years, C3 enables you to align strategic direction, product and service excellence, employee engagement, sustainable customer delight and superior enterprise performance.  C3 is the foundation under everything we do.
  2. Eye-popping client results including significant revenue growth, reductions of 90% in response/cycle times, new innovations, major cost reductions and best-in-class awards, won as a direct result of applying our C3 methodology.
  3. A broad range of programs on customer-focused excellence. These include inspiring keynotes, highly interactive workshops tailored to any audience, rapid strategic planning, mentoring for leaders and change agents, project management leadership, and scalable transformation initiatives.
  4. Our training programs are neither built from scratch, nor delivered in a rigid cookie-cutter fashion. Your situation is unique so we tailor our carefully designed and proven programs for best fit.
  5. Tools and related methodology, unavailable elsewhere. This is easily learned and transferable to your internal change leaders and improvement teams.  The objective is to develop advanced capability of your internal resources, achieving mastery and self-sufficiency in leading and sustaining excellence.
  6. The founder of the C3 Methodology, Robin Lawton. The significance of his contributions to leaders of 21st century knowledge-intensive enterprises has been favorably compared to that of Edwards Deming, Russell Ackoff, Joseph Juran and Peter Drucker, management gurus for the industrial age of the past century.
  7. #1 speaker, of 103 evaluated by an international leadership organization.
  8. Highly regarded books and publications, including Robin Lawton’s latest top-ranked book on Amazon, Mastering Excellence: A Leader’s Guide to Aligning Strategy, Culture, Customer Experience and Measures of Success
  9. Thought-leading material that we integrate with innovative best practices of other leaders and with initiatives you already have in place.
  10. A strong belief that humor and fun make acquiring new knowledge and achieving outstanding results much easier than it otherwise would be.

Please tell us about the excitement you would like to create, challenges to master or the results to achieve.