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Lights, Camera, Action!


For a big event to come off smoothly planning must start early. We guide you every step of the way with:

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - DECEMBER 9, 2014: Professional cameraman working with modern equipment during filming of Not Yet Evening by Marlen Khutsiev

Equipment Setup

  • We are a full Apple shop.  While we carry adapters for emergencies, please make sure your equipment is Apple-compatible.  Presentations will be run from an Apple Macbook Pro.
  • Please provide the IT expert’s name and contact information so we can ensure everything will run smoothly.
  • We recommend an audio/visual test the afternoon before the event.
  • Your cordless lavaliere microphone will ensure everyone can hear and participate in the keynote.
  • If you plan on recording the session, we usually charge no fee but request a copy of the recording.  Please discuss with us first.
  • For large audiences, microphones (on stands or provided quickly by your support personnel) will enable participant questions to be heard by the audience.

Room Setup Preferences

  • Rectangular tables (or round, as second choice), assuring no one sits with their back to the screen (see templates below).
  • If you must have classroom style, seat people in front first.  This minimizes the disruption when people come in late.
  • Have fewer seats than the expected audience so people will fill the front first.  Have extra seats close by or in another room to add to the back of the room if necessary.
  • The room should be wide versus deep, with the screen(s) along the long wall.
  • The lights in the room should be bright but no lights should shine on the screen(s).
  • No podium or stage is necessary.  Locate a small prop table in the front center for Rob to place his computer and props.
  • At least two aisles will enable Rob to easily mix with the audience.  Our keynotes are very interactive.
  • If you would like books available for sale, please provide a book signing table with a couple chairs for after the keynote.
  • Please provide one capped bottle of water at Rob’s prop table.




If you have any questions – no matter how small, please feel free to contact us!

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