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Customer Experience Insights Program

Intended Outcome

Our Customer Experience Insights Program offers you a doorway into the mind of your customers.  Enlist us as your customer surrogate and we will constructively communicate to you how your customers perceive your organization.  We do it in a manner that enables you to act on what you learn. It can involve a site visit in person or a visit to your website.  Unlike a “secret shopper” program, we use C3 Principles, observable facts and insightful perceptions to guide our scrutiny, our communications and your excellence.

When you are the customer, you know what you want, like and dislike.  You experience those preferences when you walk into places of business such as a grocery store, a government office, a clothing store, a medical office, a restaurant or a hotel .  Everywhere you look your mind is surveying, calculating and assessing that organization.  The impressions we form and thoughts we have of the organization are usually not communicated to that organization.  Now, suppose you are a leader of that organization.  Would there be any advantage to clearly hearing the well-articulated  thoughts customers have about what they just experienced?   Our experience has shown those thoughts to be invaluable in your pursuit of excellence.

Customer Experience

Our Customer Experience Insights Program helps you understand how your customers perceive your organization and what you need to do to create a WOW! experience.

We travel extensively, both literally and virtually. Sometimes we come across a situation that cries out for leadership attention. If we attempt to reach an organization’s leader(s) and get no response, there is a good chance our observations and insights will be summarized here or in one of our blogs.

Our aim is to eliminate anything we experience that qualifies as “stuff that sucks” and contribute to the presence of increasing excellence.  If you think your organization can benefit from our quiet, confidential work, please let us know.

We would love to hold you and your leadership up as an example of what is possible.  From time to time we will highlight excellence of everyday organizations that we come in contact with.  Let’s make yours one of them!





Customer Experience Insights Program Deliverables Can Include

  • Where your areas of excellence are
  • What experiences or patterns add up to an inviting experience
  • Where intent looks good but execution falls
  • What could be done to excite customers and blow away the competition

Description of Approach

Customer Experience Insights Program

Using the C3 Principles, we will observe, interact with your employees and customers, analyze our experiences and with you, create an Action Plan for success.

Our approach is highly flexible depending on your type of business.  We will be your customer.  We will observe, interact with your employees and customers, and analyze our experiences.  Upon completion we will discuss with you our Customer Insights Survey Report highlighting where we found excellence, areas that need to be improved and suggestions for how to do that.

For more information on our Customer Experience Insights Program, please fill out our contact form below.

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