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C3 Deployment Map – A Journey to Excellence

C3 Deployment Map outlines the general phases your voice of the customer (VOC) transformation process could follow. Since every organization is unique, the journey is tailored to your special circumstances.  Beginning the implementation process calls for careful selection of the right products, people, and improvement objectives.  The intent is to stack the deck in your favor to ensure success.  Once success has been demonstrated, an internal expertise base becomes established (Certified Masters of Excellence), and learning can be woven back into the replication process.

The C3 Deployment Map describes the 6 Phases to Deployment and the C3 Tools related to each phase.

  • Phase 1 Assess Needs, Readiness & Culture
  • Phase 2 Create Insights & Strategic Alignment
  • Phase 3 Organize the Project for Success
  • Phase 4 Deploy Project Teams
  • Phase 5 Celebrate Success on 8 Dimensions of Excellence
  • Phase 6 Institutionalize the New Practices

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The C3 Deployment process is supported by Training, Tools, Mentoring, Strategic Project Management and Consulting.  We offer support at whatever level you would like.  The voice of the customer (VOC) is injected in everything we do.

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C3 Deployment Map

Important C3 Concepts

C3 Deployment Map methodology is described in the following books