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Achieving and sustaining excellence based on the priorities and voice of the customer is a top priority for leaders. The goal is clear; how to achieve it has not been…until now.  Our keynotes and executive seminars are thought-leading, interactive, inspirational and practical, leaving participants with tangible takeaways.  See a synopsis of our most popular topics, which generally run 1.5-2 hours in length, with executive seminars of the same topics running 2-4 hours so there is application time included.  

Robin Lawton - Keynote Speaker

Let’s have a good time while designing excellence into our organization!

Your objective may be to kick off a new initiative, reinforce or celebrate good practices, inspire and energize your people or equip them with the cutting edge ways to achieve your vision to make customers raving fans.  That requires doing several things exceedingly well:

  • Creating a vision of excellence
  • Energizing others to innovate
  • Equipping them with a clear path forward
  • Framing deployment suited for today’s service and knowledge-intensive work
  • Moving at the speed of now
  • Integrating change management with strong customer focus
  • Celebrating success

Robin Lawton Keynote Speaker

Rob’s many stories create new insights for audiences, motivating them to turn the seemingly impossible into both the possible and the expected.

Easy to say, harder to do. Rob’s keynotes combine the original thinking that’s gone into his best-selling books, publications and strategic initiatives, along with his engaging humor and a highly interactive delivery style. His recognition as Guru and #1 rank of 88 speakers by a leading international organization, American Society for Quality,  reflects his unique ability to quickly get his audiences to laugh about some of the goofy things we do, provide a clear and pragmatic path to the next level of excellence and connect this all to what their customers would love to experience.  Most keynote topics are condensed, customized versions of workshops.  See sample descriptions under Training Topics. With a non-linear career spanning government, health, education and the speed-of-light pace in the high tech industry, his ideas have borne fruit in the toughest environments for 30 years. His international experience has enabled him to routinely view a problem or challenge from an unconventional perspective. His two-time stint as foster parent, then as adoptive father, offers proof that he is also an adaptive optimist.  His many stories create new insights for his audiences, motivating them to turn the seemingly impossible into both the possible and the expected. Rob’s several years living in Latin America and working with management from many countries, have given him special appreciation for and insights regarding the importance of cultural uniqueness and values. They have led to Rob’s striking ability to develop and articulate alternatives to complex organizational and competitive challenges, making the solutions feel suspiciously like common sense. His passion and bias for dramatic and sustainable results inspires others to surpass their goals.  Many have won prestigious recognition such as the Baldrige National Award, as a direct result of applying Rob’s customer-centered culture (C3) principles of excellence.

We tailor our message for your special audience to inspire, motivate and equip them to do what they may never have thought possible. We don’t just deliver a message we know will excite. We weave the audience responses to provocative questions back into the presentation to make the message even more personally relevant.

Robin Lawton is an internationally recognized expert in creating rapid strategic alignment between enterprise objectives and the voice of the customer. Rob is president of International Management Technologies, Inc., which he founded in 1985. Mr. Lawton coined the term “customer-centered culture” (also known as C3) in his 1993 best-selling book, Creating a Customer-Centered Culture: Leadership in Quality, Innovation and Speed (5-star rated at Amazon).  His new book, MASTERING EXCELLENCE: A Leader’s Guide to Aligning Strategy, Culture, Customer Experience & Measures of Success was published in early 2017.

Robin Lawton Keynote Speaker

If your objective is to kick off a new initiative, reinforce or celebrate good practices, inspire and energize your people or equip them with the cutting edge ways to achieve your vision to make customers raving fans, gain the 2% competitive edge over the other leaders in your field with Robin Lawton and C3.

Our keynotes are motivational, thought-provoking, and memorable. Rob has been named Quality Guru because his customer-centered culture (C3) methodology for uncovering and understanding the voice of the customer is perfect for today’s knowledge and service enterprise and transcends Industrial Age thinking that is so yesterday.

Your audience will come away both enlightened and energized with fresh new ideas on improving customer satisfaction, growth and profitability. They can immediately apply the insights they’ve gained. Takeaways can include practical ways to:

  • Frame excellence from the outside in, balancing customer and enterprise values
  • Redefine all work as tangible and countable products, from the person to the enterprise
  • Eliminate ambiguity about who “the customer” really is in every context (and why it matters)
  • The easy to understand way to uncover what customers want
  • Cut response time, experienced by those you seek to satisfy, by 80%
  • Transform culture, with eye-popping results others have achieved
  • Achieve dramatic, sustainable results customers and employees can see


I stood by the door, and when we ran out of standing room, they began turning people away, so they congregated outside the door. My legs were getting sore near the end, but the presentation and especially the presenter were well worth any discomfort.

Donald Nicholson

Client Proximity Americas, Electronic Data Systems Corporation

Thank you for your presentation at the Third Annual CQI Conference, “Improving the Quality of Your Practice”. I appreciated your challenging, thoughtful session. I am delighted that this health care professional audience enthusiastically embraced your message. You created excitement and focus for developing or expanding a customer-centered approach to delivering health care.

Steven Richards, M.D.

Vice President, Blue Plus, Blue Cross and Blue Shield

I attended 13 sessions, plus the three keynote speaker sessions at the Annual World Conference. Your session was the best one!

Carol Cornwell

Senior V.P. of Quality, Attronica Computers, Inc.

For more information on our Keynote Speaker program and how Rob can help you excite, inspire, enlighten, equip, engage, transform, wow, lead and/or entertain your group, please fill out the form below or call Rob personally at 941-704-9888.  He will start by understanding your special context and unique objectives, then suggest possibilities to best inspire your audience.

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This is definitely NOT for the faint-hearted! Mr. Lawton led us through an intensive, fast-paced presentation designed to reframe how we think about customer satisfaction and service. He encouraged each participant to continually challenge how we think about ‘products’ and our role in providing these to our real customers. He provided a very clear understanding of what a customer-centered culture is and how to create one.

Hazel Mays

Quality Manager, AT&T Global Business Communications Systems

I can assure you I will think, act, work and do things differently as a result of this session!  Your ‘real life’ examples were excellent. Rob’s enthusiasm is very contagious. I actually got energized by his energy!” I found Rob’s personal examples striking both intellectually as well as psychologically. Thanks!


Michael Fedock

Management School, University of St. Thomas