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C3 Strategic Planning Training

The Challenge

It is not unusual to have a strategic plan take months, incur big expense and consume significant executive time to create.  When the job is done, the plan has often missed important important customer priorities, related measures of success and does not “speak to” employees in a manner that inspires, engages or easily connects their daily work to enterprise priorities.  No wonder many strategic business plans are, at best, glorified to-do lists or, at worst, very expensive paper weights.  If you have had this experience or want to avoid it, we would like to help.

If you are like our usual executive client, you are impatient for fast, transformational, dramatic and sustainable results.  Totally reasonable expectations we collaborate to achieve.  C3 strategic planning takes weeks, not months.  Expect to see visible change in organizational direction, customer impact and internal practice begin within 3-4 months.  You may not be aiming to win awards as a result, but many of our clients have.

The C3 strategic planning training includes the following elements:

  • Rapid study of the enterprise’s mission, history, values, successes, understanding and focus on its customers and challenges
  • Observation, interviews and focus groups to uncover leadership aspirations and the voice of the customer
  • The strategic planning workshop, typically about 3-4 days
  • Draft of the strategic plan framework, including balances measures
  • Deployment roadmap with target areas of attack, roles, goals and definition of excellence to achieve

An effective strategic plan is embraced by senior management, easily understood, aggressive, relevant to personnel at all levels, and tied to budgeting, performance measurement, incentives, compensation and customer experience throughout the organization.  If this is your vision for a strategic plan, let’s talk. The one we will create with you is lean, easily understood and able to rapidly usher in a period of achievement you and your varied constituents will celebrate.

Learning Objectives: The Strategic Planning Session

  1. Set the strategic context for dramatic and sustainable transformation
  2. Align 8 dimensions of strategic value and performance both you, your stakeholders and customers want most
  3. Avoid process preoccupation, starting with the end in mind
  4. Determine how each strategic outcome will be measured
  5. Select the critical few services or products most likely to enable or constrain outcome success
  6. Assess your greatest strategic performance measurement strengths and weaknesses
  7. Deploy a 10-step repeatable transformation process
  8. Achieve 10:1 ROI within 18 months, as other organizations from government and industry have done
  9. Sustain accountability by focusing on success, not failure


  •  A strategic plan framework
  • Guidance on what move to take next

For additional information, please see Strategic Planning under Consulting.