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Participant Prework

We hope to create a superlative experience, introducing leading-edge concepts that will change how you think about excellence, enterprise performance, customer success, and what is possible.  You will get the most out of our workshops by doing a little preparation. The following will also help Robin Lawton and Tony Belilovskiy tailor the material to fit your special circumstances. Your response at least 7 days prior to the session is greatly appreciated.


  • PreparationCOMPLETE.  Read and complete the specified prework, numbers 1 thru 3 below, as indicated in your confirmation email.
  • SEND an email to, at least 7 days prior to the session, containing the following information:
    • TOPIC line.  Record the session start date (mm/dd/year) and the total score from your Self-assessment (Prework 1 below).
    • ATTACH.  Include a copy of your completed C3IQ assessment.
    • BODY.  Include any answers to prework questions.
    • CONTACT. Provide all your contact information, if not already done, including your title and mobile number (especially important for last minute changes or emergencies).
    • SPECIAL NEEDS. Specify any personal dietary or accessibility needs. We will make every effort to accommodate them.


  • LAPTOP. Unless stated otherwise, we will send you electronic tools for use during the session.  Load them on the laptop computer you will be bringing to the session.
  • YOUR TEAM.  You will be seated with a team. If you come with two or more colleagues, which we HIGHLY recommend, we will put you together.  This will enable optimum application of concepts and methods to your own organization’s issues.  Small teams and individuals may be combined, depending on total attending. Two very important reasons to bring a team: (1) Feedback from thousands of participants has emphasized how much easier their execution action was, after the workshop, by having key players at the session with them. They did not have to try to jam two days of breakthrough thinking and insights into an hour summary later. They could begin implementing. Your job is tough enough; this teamwork will be a big help.  (2) When you have your own team of up to seven, we can give you maximum dedicated support during the session. There is no substitute for that personal touch.
  • TRAVEL.  There is a lot of content, requiring us to go all the way to the end of the day (usually 5pm).  We highly recommend booking any travel only after we confirm the session will be held (generally 7 days prior) and arranging to stay through to the end and avoid missing very important deployment information.
  • SELF-ASSESSMENT.  Print and bring your completed version for reference.
  • ATTIRE.  Temperature in conference rooms is notoriously too cold or hot.  Please dress comfortably, with both possibilities in mind.
  • REFERENCE.  Optional (but recommended) materials to bring include:
    • Your strategic plan or business/organization objectives
    • A copy of a recent customer satisfaction survey
    • Your organization’s customer satisfaction policy
    • Examples of your key performance indicators (KPIs) or balanced scorecard
    • A representative charter for a recent or current improvement project

Prework 1 – C3IQ Self-Assessment

Allow 5-10 minutes

  • Please download the free C3IQ Self-Assessment
  • Complete and save your responses to the C3IQ assessment on your computer.  It will automatically calculate a score.
  • Email the completed C3IQ document as described in the first two bullets under Preparation above.
  • Print out your completed C3IQ assessment and bring it to the session.

Prework 2 – Reading

  1. Read “Creating Total Customer Satisfaction: A Service Quality Strategy That Will Work For You
  2. Use what you read to identify at least 3 products you personally create in your normal work. Be sure each is specific and can be made plural with an ‘s’.
  3. Include the names of those 3 products in your email to Rob, as described in Preparation above.


Prework 3 – C3 Tools

  1. Install any tools to your laptop that we provide on-site or send by email before the session.
  2. If you have purchased a license and received any of the C3 suites of tools, please load them on the laptop computer you will be bringing.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us below.  We will get back to you as quickly as possible.  We thank you in advance for completing all of the attendee prework before the session.

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Cancellations made at least 30 days prior to the event are refundable, minus a $100 administrative fee.  Cancellations made later than 30 days prior are not refundable, but do qualify for a 50% credit to be used on any other C3 Excellence, Inc. products within 30 days.  You may transfer a registration to another participant at any time prior to the event, simply by communicating the change to us.