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Partnership Program for Professional Development


What are the Goals of our Professional Development Program?

Welcome!  We invite you to join an innovative collaboration with professional associations, universities and mission-driven organizations such as yours that want a NO COST (for you), LOW EFFORT turnkey program designed to:

  • Bring your membership thought-leading, pragmatic programs on leadership, excellence and voice of the customer
  • Develop member knowledge, skills and professionalism
  • Expand and retain your membership
  • Strengthen member perception that you offer a top-flight resource for leadership knowledge
  • Attract upper management to programs, increasing support for the change-leading professionals in their organizations
  • Strengthen your financial position with little effort on your part

What is the Professional Development Program?

Our Professional Development Program uses a unique model where we does about 85% of the work to organize and conduct an event while you, our partner, get 50% of the financial benefit.  It includes a series of paradigm changing, highly practical and interactive events, delivered at the site of your choice.  The events are usually workshops, but can include keynotes or other short, live sessions.

Program content is tailored to inspire and equip your audience in their pursuit of excellence. All events are based on the paradigm-changing C3 system, principles and tools. They are tailored to your audience and may vary in content or title.  Each topic emphasizes a different aspect of the C3 system. The following are examples of popular session titles:

Who Are the Participants?

These sessions have broad appeal and relevance across levels of authority, professions and enterprises from industry, government, healthcare, technology and education.  They are suitable for multi-nationals and start-ups.

Participants in IICCL programs typically include executives and members of the C-suite, leaders and management practitioners in disciplines including quality management, human resources, IT, customer service, supply management, operations, and more.  Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts, Balridge Award seekers and winners, initiative leaders, project managers, change agents and individual contributors will also benefit.  Participants have come from virtually every kind of industry, government agency and not-for-profit, from many countries and all functional disciplines.

What’s The Catch?

No catch, no cost to you. We put on an acclaimed educational program for your target audience, delivered by best-selling author and top-rated speaker, Robin Lawton. You do nothing but invite them to attend. We split 50/50 with your organization the net revenue from the event.  We have a very simple Letter of Agreement (LOU) that we can send, upon your request.  It provides a who-does-what project plan, a pricing outline for attendee fees and a simple financial analysis spreadsheet for determining break-even.  In the unlikely event that we don’t have enough attendees, we jointly agree to cancel by the early bird date and there will still be no cost to you. Yes, that is how easy and risk-free we’ve made it.

What Do You Have to Do?

Just call Tony at 781-710-0285 or Rob at 941-704-9888 or send us a note (below) with PARTNERSHIP!  in the subject field.  We will provide you with marketing materials including email templates, good for sending to your contact list.  We do not touch your members or contact list unless they register for an event. 

We handle registrations and provide a financial statement with your profit-sharing check, generally within 15 days of the event.  Aside from your getting the word out, we just need your assistance on determining a host/location for the event.  Once you express interest, we will provide you all the documents and guidance you will need.

What Do We Do?

We handle all registration, pre-work, logistics (facility setup, catering), marketing email templates for prospective attendees, participant communications, the workshop content and materials, a documented reconciliation about 15 days after the event, copy of participant feedback, and your check.

You changed our view of our customers and helped the U.S. Coast Guard Yard win both the Maryland Performance Award and the Coast Guard Quality Award in 1996. I was a Board member for the Virginia Quality Award for about 6 years, and have been a member of the Executive Board for Maryland. Your C3 methods offer a level of customer awareness that has not been addressed anywhere else. I will reiterate that message as long as I am involved in promoting leadership practices.

Ronald Marafioti

Executive Board, Maryland Performance Award

It was absolutely delightful to meet you. I was pleasantly surprised with your presentation style, wit and humor to engage and interact with everyone. We’ve NEVER had such a fun and “entertaining” workshop. The content provided was extremely thought provoking and challenged our thinking. Many Thanks!!!

Laurie Emerson

Executive Director, Vermont Council for Performance Excellence

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