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C3 Master of Excellence Certification

C3 Master of Excellence Certification Intended Outcomes

C3 Master of Excellence Certification

Become a C3 Master of Excellence! Learn C3 methods to develop strategic plans, balanced scorecards, manage strategic projects, conduct focus groups and streamline processes in a manner that thrills your customers.

We invite you to become a C3 Master, certified to apply and/or teach the C3 Principles, practices and Tools. You may become certified on any of these tracks:

  1. Practitioner/Internal Consultant
  2. Independent Consultant
  3. Workshop Leader
  4. Specialty Master

In the first role, your mission is to support deployment of customer-centered culture (C3) practices within your organization.  In the second role, your objective is to grow your business by supporting your paying clients to apply the C3 system.  The third role as Workshop Leader requires the most in-depth C3 knowledge, along with superb group facilitation skills and ability to effectively and rapidly change how participants think.  The Specialty Master earns certification emphasizing successful application of a specific C3 tool set.  Such application may be by individual effort or through guidance of a team.   In every case of certification, being a C3 Master means you have met certain competency and experience criteria that are summarized in the blue boxes below.   Upon entering the certification program, you automatically become a member of the C3 Masters Network of enlightened transformation leaders.  The Network’s mission is to foster the application and development of C3 methods worldwide through mutual support and shared learning.

Benefits of a C3 Master of Excellence

  1. Professional growth under direct guidance from a living guru and the creator of the C3 System
  2. Recognition of mastery in a cultural transformation system rooted in the knowledge age of the 21st century
  3. Potential for greater leadership responsibility and income
  4. Produce measurably impressive results for your internal or external clients
  5. Affiliation with other enlightened leaders with a shared customer-centered philosophy and bias for results
  6. Membership in the C3 Masters Network.  We have Summits in Sarasota, Florida to share our experiences, get to know each other, advance our skills and develop products.   Rob will introduce you to new concepts and guide you on your journey.  C3 Masters will present their biggest successes, toughest problems, requests for help and remarkable insights.  This forum is entirely customized to those in attendance.  C3 Masters may bring their clients, key prospects and customers to share in the dialog.

Description of Approach

You become a C3 Master through a combination of applying C3 Methods with your own clients, under direction and mentoring by Rob.  That can start with Rob’s assisting you to develop new clients and can involve the use of C3 Tools to develop strategic plans, develop balanced scorecards, manage projects, conduct focus groups and streamline processes in a manner that thrills your clients’ customers.   The certification process is a highly interactive, one-on-one program, designed to advance your skills while helping others. If one of your objectives is to grow your independent consulting practice, Rob can assist you in gaining new clients.  You are expected to learn from and share with others in the C3 Masters Network.

Prerequisite Requirements include:

  • Familiarity with traditional and current methods for creating organizational change and achieving excellence
  • Fluent with the content covered in Rob’s publications, especially the texts, Creating a Customer-Centered Culture and Mastering Excellence
  • Demonstrated expertise in achieving significant improvement in organizational performance experienced by customers
  • The capacity and burning desire to integrate your experience with the C3 way
  • Complete and timely follow-through on commitments made


C3 Master – Certified Practitioner/Internal Consultant

If your intended audience is within your own organization, you may be certified to distribute C3 tools and technology and/or train them in the C3 System. Certification requires at least the following:

  • Attend the core 2-day Mastering 8 Dimensions of Excellence workshop (which may go under a different name at your organization)
  • Successfully complete a minimum of 2 days of C3 Mentoring and demonstrate competency in core concepts, methodology and deployment strategy.
  • Complete training in at least one of the following specialty areas: strategic planning, VOC, measurement/balanced scorecard, strategic project management.
  • Read and apply to one or more organizational issues the material covered in the training, Rob’s books, articles and assignments.

C3 Master – Certified Independent Consultant

Certified independent consultants resell C3 Tools and products, help others apply them and teach the C3 System to others for a fee. We provide the support to help you be successful in doing that. Being certified means you do at least the following:

  • Sell the core 2-day 8 Dimensions of Excellence workshop to at least one client per quarter. To help you achieve this objective, we can provide marketing, sales support and program delivery.  The only cost you incur is any C3E cost and a 50-50 split with C3E of the approved price charged to your client. The approved price is determined by you and Rob in advance of any sale.
  • Successfully complete a minimum of 2 days of C3 Mentoring at half the prevailing rate and demonstrate competency in core concepts and methodology.
  • Complete training and application in at least one of the following specialty areas: strategic planning, VOC, measurement/balanced scorecard, project management.
  • Purchase a minimum of $2,500 of discounted products (at up to 50% off the prevailing list rate) from C3 Excellence, Inc. in the first year.
  • Purchase all additional C3 products at a discount of up to 50% of the prevailing list rate from C3 Excellence, Inc.
  • Provide any account management information necessary to simplify and maintain account integrity and responsiveness to clients.

C3 Master – Certified C3 Workshop Leader

The Certified Workshop Leader understands core C3 concepts, application tools, Socratic teaching principles, group dynamics and heuristic learning methods necessary to advance critical thinking centered on customer priorities.  A Certified Workshop Leader becomes a highly valued Master of Excellence by satisfying at least the following requirements:

  • Teach at least three groups of 20 or more the core C3 concepts and how those concepts apply to participants’ real work.
  • Demonstrate mastery of the concepts, tools and principles related to 8 Dimensions of Excellence, Product Definition, Customer Roles, Voice of the Customer, Strategy Map and Chapter 6 in Mastering Excellence
  • Receive an average participant satisfaction score of at least 4.25 out of 5
  • Effectively handle all logistics pre- and post-workshop, submitting all participant feedback and related session documentation in a timely, organized and professional manner.

C3 Master – Certified Specialty Master

A successful C3 Master is an effective communicator, strategist and practitioner of cultural transformation and leadership principles, achieving outstanding recognition for you and your organization as a direct result of C3 practices.   You may become certified in each of the following specialties:

  • C3 Strategy Map and related strategic planning
  • C3 Project Management
  • C3 Voice of Customer
  • C3 Measurement (balanced scorecard, surveys and related tool suites)
  • C3 Lean Process
  • C3 Mentor (fluency in all C3 tool suites). Requires publishing an article on at least one successful C3 project.

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