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I – Strategic Project Management for Wow! Results


This presentation synopsis is a glimpse of what you will learn in our Strategic Project Management for Wow! Results workshop.  When you attend our workshop you will be applying these new principles to your own work.

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Strategic Project Management for WOW Results

Presentation Synopsis

It is easy to use LSS projects to solve operational problems.  The insightful and impatient leader wants to go beyond that, creating eye-popping results that connect strategic objectives, customer priorities and lead directly to sustainable cultural transformation. This workshop shows how to do precisely that.  The advanced project management system described, referred to by some as LSS 3.0, superbly resolves common problems including:

  • The problem and project mission is poorly defined
  • Methods applied are not a smooth fit with knowledge-intensive applications
  • The solution is unknown
  • Projects wander away from the optimum remedy and take too long to complete
  • The solution developed does not adequately address voice-of-customer priorities
  • Remedies do not uncover or correct cultural impediments that cause related problems

This session is for those wanting an organized, tool-supported approach that can reduce your effort, dramatically improve your impact and totally engage everyone on the project you are sponsoring, managing or on which you’re a participant. You may or may not win national recognition, get over 20:1 ROI, cycle time reduction of 80% and customer kudos for your efforts, but many others have.  You can, too.