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Day Two: Voice of the Customer: Uncover, Translate and Deliver What Customers Want



Satisfy the Heart, Mind and Voice of the Customer.  Don’t even think about conducting a voice of the customer project, commissioning a customer survey, or designing new services without the innovative framework and tools provided in this session.  You’ll learn a refreshing new way to uncover and translate the mind of the customer in ways you never thought possible.  These methods take you several steps beyond Lean Six Sigma, DFSS, Moments of Truth and any other initiative you may have seen, provided with elegant simplicity.

1-Integrating The Voice-of-Customer, Innovation and Great Design

  • Ten reasons surveys fail and how to improve success
  • The “word formula” questions that always uncover what customers want
  • How to separate the 12 critically different customer voices
  • Balancing competing interests for a win-win
  • Convergent versus divergent thinking: Why GE never made candles
  • Using the Innovation Roadmap to drive WOW!

2-Measuring the Seemingly Immeasurable, With & Without Surveys

  • Why and what to measure while avoiding overkill
  • How to translate squishy perceptions into objective measures
  • Building the product/service design table

3-Rethinking Process

  • The two processes to keep in mind as separate
  • Activity versus product flow
  • The minimum six measures to know and report on every target process

4-Connecting the Dots and Taking Action


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