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Suite 4 – C3 Strategic Project Management Tools


The Strategic Project Management Suite contains everything you need to manage your team throughout the implementation process.

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While C3 Strategic Project Management Tools work well for traditional projects, they are especially relevant when the solution is unknown.  Most project management is intended to guide execution of a decision already made. Strategic improvement projects have symptoms of problems, but the best solution has not yet been determined.  Our C3 Strategic Project Management Tools really shine with challenging projects where innovation and stunning improvement is the goal. The required CSI-type (crime scene investigator) discipline, tied to the psychology of how to win the case in court, is embedded in what you learn in the our Strategic Project Management Tools. The methodology is based on the innovative customer-centered culture (C3) principles first published in Robin Lawton’s best-selling book, Creating a Customer-Centered Culture: Leadership in Quality, Innovation and Speed.

Our Strategic Project Management Tools provide detailed guidance on how to:

  1. Use a Decision Tree to assure all elements of the project are performed in the correct sequence and satisfy the intended project outcomes and measures of success.
  2. Select the right topic/target for the project. This goes beyond describing symptoms.
  3. Charter the project team.  The essential tool uses powerful but simple linguistics methods (word formulas) to characterize the problem or opportunity in a way that guides the team to create a compelling, unimpeachable proposal for change or innovation.
  4. Collect and analyze Voice of the Customer priorities.  This unique methodology reveals customer demand patterns and intensity in a manner simple enough that anyone can apply it to any subject.  It goes far beyond survey usage. Findings provide the basis for both improvement and innovation customers will actually experience.
  5. Describe and measure process performance from both the customer’s and producer’s experience. The method used dramatically cuts process description and analysis time by its ability to quickly focus on exactly what aspect(s) of the process need to be addressed first for highest impact. Seven (7) key measures are developed and used to direct improvement and measure success.  Typical results include cutting cycle time by 80%.
  6. Manage team roles and work.
  7. Collect and manage objective data and analysis.
  8. Construct and present the best proposal for change that the project sponsor has typically ever seen. Over 95% of all teams’ recommendations have been approved for execution.

Suite Contents

The Strategic Project Management Tool suite contains six (6) Excel-based workbooks:

  1. Rules of Engagement.  This workbook provides critical guidance to the project sponsor, project manager and team members. It is essential to properly organize, focus, manage, and complete all aspects of the project so that the team’s mission is executed with the greatest speed, simplicity, and innovative impact.
  2. Team Management.  This workbook guides you in creating your unambiguous project charter, identifies the kind of information to collect during the project, and manages the roles, communications, and assignments of members. This prevents the project from wandering off course, quickly creates and strengthens team cohesion and performance, reduces and balances the workload of team members, and accelerates milestone and project completion.
  3. Data Collection and Management.  This workbook guides you in collecting, analyzing, retrieving and presenting both subjective and objective data to WOW your sponsor and effectively sell your proposal for change. You will use Voice-of-the-customer (VOC), product design and process performance data to prove your current situation assumptions (CSAs) true and make a final recommendation to your sponsor that is compelling and supported by unimpeachable facts.
  4. Sponsor Presentation Template.  This PPT file is designed to help the team make a compelling presentation and proposal for action, supported by unimpeachable data. It contains instructions on how to populate and present slide content specific to your project. Think of it as a paint-by-numbers tool that will result in a beautiful picture of excellence. The structure of the presentation has been used by many project teams, earning them an outstanding success rate for sponsor approval of the proposed solution. This template answers questions including (a) what do we know, (b) how do we know it, (c) what are the ramifications, (d) what is the quickest and most effective action that needs to occur by whom, and (e) how will we measure success?
  5. Project Management Decision Tree (paginated).  This decision tree is organized as a sequential set of questions, designed to highlight all the steps that will produce outstanding success for any project manager and team. While it is not required that C3 tools are used, it is essential that all the questions be answered to successfully complete a strategic project for optimum impact in the least time. The project team that decides to use the C3PM approach at the start will experience fewer obstacles throughout the project. If a given question has not been answered, the decision tree highlights the relevant tools to use. A C3 project uses a process and set of tools on a just-in-time basis as part of the normal way of doing things at each stage in the project.
  6. C3 Deployment Flow.  This diagram shows the main elements involved in transforming the culture of an organization. It begins by taking stock of the “as is” organizational context, then proceeds to clarify strategic direction, establish goals, create and manage deployment teams, establish measures of success, and celebrate the excellence achieved.

Each workbook contains a variety of tools.  These workbooks are designed for a person with basic Excel knowledge.  If you are an expert at Excel, you will be able to add linking and other options to customize your spreadsheets.

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